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Abbie & her brother Jamie


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Abbie – June 2006



About Us







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Abbie’s Fund



Upton Farm

Ockham Lane


GU23 6NT



Registered charity no. 1119273


May 2007



ABBIE’S FUND – Registered Charity No. 1119273



Abbie’s Fund has recently been set up as a charity.   The Fund has been operating under non-charitable status for almost two years, during which time we have raised over £70,000.  We hope with its new status we can now raise even more money to help sufferers of Neuroblastoma.


Neuroblastoma is an extremely aggressive childhood cancer of specialised nerve cells, called neural crest cells.  These cells are involved in the development of the nervous system and other tissues.  Most children who get this cancer are younger than five years old. In the majority the disease has spread by the time of diagnosis and despite intensive treatment and achieving remission many children subsequently relapse and die. It is one of the most difficult childhood cancers to treat and further research is needed to beat this disease giving children in the future the chance of survival. 


Abbie was diagnosed with Adrenal Neuroblastoma when she was 21 months old.  She underwent intensive treatment with induction chemotherapy, high dose chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, surgery, radiotherapy and Retinoic acid.   She went into remission and was declared free of disease in January 2004.  Unfortunately, a relapse was diagnosed in June 2005 and she had to undergo yet many more months of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and numerous other invasive and horrendous treatments to try and rid her of this despicable disease.  Abbie’s family and friends were all devastated when she finally lost her fight for life in September 2006.


Abbie won the hearts of hundreds of local people who followed her courageous fight to the end. She was a truly beautiful, special, loving, funny, intelligent, determined, dignified, feisty and unique child.  All these words were used in ‘A Tribute to Abbie’ by her father on the day of her funeral, but the word he finally chose to capture the essence of Abbie was an ‘Inspiration’.  She certainly was that.  


As Trustees of Abbie’s Fund we are determined to do our utmost to raise as much money as we can to help other children who are going through the same dreadful journey as Abbie.   We intend to raise money for research to help make Neuroblastoma survivable and look into other areas of innovative treatment as well as supporting those children already suffering from this horrendous childhood cancer.

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